Create and launch bounties on Twitter to increase engagement on your Tweets as well as increase your follower count.

Bounties can be a great way to build engagement on social media by incentivising actions such as likes, replies and retweets.

The range of tasks that can be tracked and incentivised via 'Bounties' are as follows:

  • Like

  • Retweet

  • Reply

  • Quote Reply

  • Follow (v2)

  • Reply with Hashtag (v2)

These are some key features:

  • Provide fiat and crypto tokens as incentives

  • Actions include like, reply, retweet and quote retweet

  • All actions can be done from Skywallet without opening Twitter

  • Open bounty to public or only to specific community members

  • Edit / close active bounties

Here's how you can create a Twitter Bounty:

  1. Set bounty name, enter tweet link and set bounty expiry

  2. Set rewards for the respective actions

  3. Publish bounty and share

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