Our Solutions

Metasky helps community managers curate, manage, and monetize their communities. Metasky product suite enables creators to build engaging experiences for their communities through gamified bounties and utilities charged NFTsOur product solutions include:

  1. Community Management: Metasky Studio is a tech dashboard that helps community managers consolidate, moderate, and engage community members. Gathering your community helps community managers get guaranteed participation in activities, events, surveys, etc.

  2. Top Community Members Identification: Metasky's flagship product - Bounties helps identify highly loyal community members and reward them for their engagement on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

  3. Easy to Use Customer Interface: Our NFT utility-focused Web 3.0 wallet - Skywallet provides an intuitive dashboard to give client customers an overview of their NFTs and attached benefits across all blockchains. The easy-to-use wallet can be accessed through email/phone number within 30 seconds.

With over two years of experience, Metasky has the knowledge and tools to take your Web 3.0 presence to the next level. Our team stays on the cutting edge of new technologies and strategies to best serve our clients. Let us help you build your community that generates real value.

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